The wallpaper process boils down to three basic steps:

  1. Selecting the wallpaper
  2. Purchasing the wallpaper
  3. Installing the wallpaper

Here’s how I can help you accomplish each step.

Selecting The Wallpaper

There are thousands of options out there! With my knowledge of quality wallpaper brands at a range of price points, I can narrow down the field to start out our search on the right foot.

Have a speck of an idea, like something with fish on it or a retro geometric? I can work with that.

Or you might have absolutely no idea what you want yet, and that’s fine, too!

By asking the right questions to figure out exactly what you want and providing you with samples, I will help guide you to the perfect wallpaper for your space.

Purchasing The Wallpaper

Once we’ve found the wallpaper that is going to work with your style, space, and budget, I’ll guide you in purchasing it.

I will figure out how much you need based on your measurements and the wallpaper specs. Then you’ll buy it either directly from the company or through your designer — me!

Installing The Wallpaper

I won’t be installing your wallpaper for you (unless you want to fly me out to wherever you live), but I can help you by recommending local installers or walking you through the DIY process. You will be spending time or money to complete this step, and I will ensure your efforts are paid off either way.

I strongly believe that any competent human adult can install their own wallpaper, with a little help. If you can paint a wall or wrap a birthday present, then you can hang wallpaper. So if a professional isn’t in your budget or if you like to DIY, I will walk you through the entire installation process with a guide customized specifically for your wallpaper, space, and abilities.

If you want my help working through this process, let’s make it happen! I charge a $200 flat fee, samples included.

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