Here’s how we can work together:

  • Fill out my New Client Form. Then we schedule our first meeting so I can get to know you and your project a little better.
  • Our first meeting will be held virtually, and typically takes anywhere between half an hour and one hour, depending on how much work we are doing. The best medium for this meeting is video chat, so you can give me a virtual tour of your space. But we can also talk over the phone. Whatever you are most comfortable with.
  • Within the next business day, I will email you with my first round of wallpaper recommendations.
  • Depending on your response to them, I will adjust my suggestions and narrow my focus. We will continue this collaborative process until we land on three final options.
  • I will have samples of these options shipped to you from the wallpaper companies. If none of them tickles your fancy, we will go through another round of revisions and sampling until we get it right.
  • Once we find “the one,” I will crunch some numbers based on your measurements and the wallpaper specs to determine how much you need to buy.
    • You will either purchase the wallpaper through me (if the company sells to the trade only) or directly from the company (if they sell to the public).
  • I will help you decide whether to install the wallpaper yourself or hire a professional.
    • If you go with a professional hanger, I might be able to provide you with some options to reach out to in your area.
    • If you decide to install it yourself, I can walk you through the process with a wallpaper installation guide customized just for your job.

$200 flat fee, samples included

Hire Lindsey