Lindsey Gerber

I wasn’t always obsessed with wallpaper. I was born and raised on Oʻahu and didn’t know a single person with wallpaper growing up. It just wasn’t a thing in Hawaiʻi.

I moved to Seattle and majored in Environmental Studies at Seattle University, where I learned all about sustainability, salmon, and evergreens. But after college I realized my passions lay more in the design field than the environmental field.

I landed a design consulting job at Daly’s Paint and Decorating, a family-run business with over 70 years in the paint, wood finishes, and decorating game — and the largest wallpaper retailer in Western Washington. I consulted on all topics interior decorating: paint colors, wallpaper, window treatments, flooring, countertops, you name it.

During my five years at Daly’s, my eyes were opened to the magical ways of wallpaper. My clients ranged from first time home owners just beginning to dabble in wallpaper to hotels that needed to cover thousands of square feet of wall. I saw it transform spaces, serve as artwork, and speak to the different personalities of my clients.

I moved back home to Hawaiʻi to spread the wonders of wallpaper in a place where there isn’t a dedicated retailer. A few months after my departure, Daly’s Paint and Decorating shut down — like a lot of small retailers around the country — leaving a huge metropolitan area with very few options for wallpaper.

If this wallpaper void exists in Seattle and Hawaiʻi, I believe it exists all over the country. I started Wallpaper Whisperer to keep wallpaper alive — to be an expert resource of knowledge and experience for my clients, regardless of location.

My goal is to help you realize that wallpaper is awesome, unique, and easier to do than you think. I want to make the process of adorning your walls not just painless but fun!