When Wallpaper Is A Better Choice Than Paint

I love a freshly painted wall in a delicious color, and I’ve probably helped just as many clients pick out paint colors as I have wallpaper. But there’s something undeniably special about wallpaper that often makes it the better choice for your walls. Read on for some of my reasons to use wallpaper instead of paint for your next room renovation.

Instant Impact

Paint a wall a new color — great. Slap some wallpaper up on that wall — BOOM!

Wallpaper, more so than any paint color, sets a mood. If you want to feel calm, energized, focused, or sexy, or if your room needs a boost to give it some life, wallpaper is the surefire solution.

Instant Style

Wallpaper gives you a point of view and a voice. It says, this is a person who knows what they like and isn’t afraid to display it.

Hide Your Imperfections

Perhaps your bed frame isn’t stained your favorite wood tone, or your couch has seen better days, or your floors need to be completely stripped and redone. Against a painted wall, those imperfections can really stand out. But against a wallpapered wall, all those things that you want to change, fix, or replace in the room become less noticeable.  

Create Warmth In A Room

Some rooms feel a little too cool and clean with just paint. If your style is more minimalist, that’s great! Roll with it. But if you need more warmth in the room, add some wallpaper.

There are a few tried and true methods to create warmth: add texture, bring in natural elements like flowers and wood, inject your personality into the space with artwork, have lots of pillows and throw blankets. Wallpaper can do all of those things (well except for what the pillows and throws bring to the table). With the right print, it can do all of those things at the same time.

Create Energy In A Room

Flat, painted walls serve as a great background for decor, but don’t really do much to add energy to a room (unless they’re painted an unexpected color).

But wallpapered walls, even if the wallpaper itself isn’t textured, immediately add dimension and texture to a room. Your eyes will want to rove over the pattern to take it all in. Even a simple pattern like a stripe creates energy by drawing your eye vertically or horizontally to follow the stripe.

Life Is Short – Have Some Fun

For the majority of my life — and I’m sure most of yours as well — I’ve slept, ate, and played in painted rooms. Well, I say, no longer! Just kidding, that would be a bit much. But — I do think we can all inject some excitement into our homes with just a little more wallpaper. Variety is the spice of life, and life is short, so that’s why I spice it up with wallpaper.

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