Wallpaper For A Harry Potter Room

Pottery Barn just launched a line of Harry Potter home goods, and I am obsessed.

I mean, this Hedwig chair might be the cutest thing I’ve seen all year.

HEDWIG Anywhere Chair

I grew up reading the books as they came out, which meant a lot of time in between releases fantasizing about visiting Diagon Alley, imagining what the Gryffindor common room looked like, and hoping my parents would buy me an owl.

If you decide to Potter-fy your space, you’ll want some magical wallpaper to match. Here are my top 8 picks for wallpaper in a Harry Potter-themed room.

A Little Moony

Save yourself a climb up the Astronomy tower and study the moon phases from the comfort of your own four-poster.

York: Lunar CE3932
Beware Flying Keys

Some of these keys do look a little sharp, but as long as they don’t sprout wings you’ll be fine.

Brewster: Addison Black Vintage Keys 2532-20423
Dip Your Quill

Perhaps placing this print behind your desk will inspire you to channel your inner Hermione.

Thibaut: Birding T14261
Crookshanks and Wormtail

Parents won’t get you a cat or a rat/unregistered Animagi to take to Hogwarts with you? Satisfy yourself with these sneaky cuddle buddies.

Cole & Son: Paddy & Louis Border 103/6025

They won’t get you an owl either? Fine —you can have an entire parliament in that case!

Cole & Son: Nottambule 97/5015

It’s Always Quidditch Season
Donghia: Hammered Gold 0G900-003

Plaster an entire wall in gold wallpaper to always keep your eye on the Snitch, even in the off-season.

The Common Room

Imitate the wood paneling used in the Pottery Barn lookbooks without the real wood price.

Cole & Son: Library Panel 98/7030
The Great Hall

Cover your entire ceiling in this print and imagine “it’s bewitched to look like the sky outside.”

Cole & Son: Nuvole al Tramonto 114/3006

Have questions or suggestions? Want to just talk (and talk and talk) about Harry Potter? Leave me a comment below!

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