6 Adorable Wallpapers For Baby’s Room

Nurseries must be organized, functional spaces. They require a few simple items: crib, changing table, dresser, maybe a rocking chair.

If you look around your nursery and think “Yeah, it works—but it’s kind of boring,” use some wallpaper to spruce it up! Wallpaper can transform a functional, basic nursery to a sweet, special one.

I recommend wallpapers that don’t feel so baby-ish, so they have lasting power. Let’s be realistic—are you going to have time to completely redo this room when your baby becomes a toddler? Unless you love to change your decor frequently, that baby wallpaper will stress you out as your child becomes a toddler. Knowing that you won’t need to replace it will give you much needed peace of mind.

I hope these ideas inspire you to create a sweet nursery for your little angel.

1) Colorful Pastel Scandinavian Wallpaper

multicolored animals and plants wallpaper for nursery
While quite busy, this colorful print features primarily pastel colors to keep this wallpaper feeling soft and light. Use its many colors as a palette for bedding, window treatments, and accessories. [Visby White Scandinavian Wallpaper — Brewster Wallcovering]

2) Whimsical Cyclists Wallpaper

bicyclists on a large tandem bicycle wallpaper for nursery

Go for a bicycle theme with this whimsical border by Cole & Son. Use it as a low border just above the baseboards for a playful pop between your furniture. Or try it as a mid-wall border just above crib height for more prominence. [Fornasetti II — Cole & Son]

3) Retro Clementine Wallpaper

oranges and blue leaves retro wallpaper for nursery
Encourage healthy eating habits by surrounding your baby with these adorable clementines. Sweet with a tangy retro vibe, this print would work well with mid-century furniture. [Vitamin C (Clementine) — Hygge & West]

4) Future Adventurer Wallpaper

detail of line drawing of mountains and yellow sun wallpaper for nurseries
Detail: Click for larger version

This is a pattern any little adventurer could grow into. I particularly like the Sunrise colorway; that bright yellow sun emerging between the mountain peaks would make me feel excited to start the day. [Mountains Sunrise Wallpaper — MissPrint]

5 and 6) Simple: Polka Dot or Stripe Wallpaper

blue polka dot and green and yellow striped wallpaper for nursery
If you already have lots of furnishings or if you prefer a more minimal look, give your nursery that extra special touch with a simple polka dot or stripe. Both this polka dot from Sanderson and this stripe from Harlequin have a watercolor look, creating a softer, more subtle appearance. [Polka — Sanderson; Demeter Stripe — Harlequin]

(Featured image by Paintzen)

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