Wallpaper Prints That Say “Spring”

If you want your room to remind you of the season of rebirth, I have a few unique picks.

Here Come Furry Friends

Squirrels are a sure sign of spring. Where would I put this pattern? A playroom would be the obvious choice, but how about a study? To me squirrels represent unflagging industriousness, so perhaps they would inspire one to be extra studious. [Buy from Aimee Wilder]

Jurassic World

This peel and stick wallpaper comes packaged as a 100” wide mural, and I adore the largeness of the print. I think some of the ferns would be as tall as me! The dark background offsets the bright foliage and gives it a moodiness that could make it work just about anywhere, from a nursery to a living room. [Buy on Etsy]

All The Things

For those of you desiring more of a showstopper, I present this bold and beautiful wallpaper by Osborne & Little. This kaleidoscopic print encapsulates a tropical spring with its butterflies, flowering vines, and birds of paradise. Did it also take you an embarrassing amount of time to find the “mischievous monkeys”? [Buy from Osborne & Little]

Fresh Flowers Galore

This print makes me want to get outside and pick some fresh flowers. Because the pattern is relatively small, this wallpaper would serve as a perfect background to framed artwork or a statement furniture piece. [Buy from Hygge & West]

A Burst of Green

Spring is all about new growth, and this bright yellow green print from Brewster feels as fresh as a budding leaf. This wallpaper has the look of a block-printed (aka stamped) design, and it’s washable and rated for bathroom use. I could actually see this happy print in a kitchen/dining nook paired with cream roman shades and navy accents. [Buy from Brewster]

Unfurling Flower Petals

All Farrow & Ball wallpapers are produced using traditional printing techniques with their own paints rather than inks, which basically means the print goes on thicker and more textural, giving their patterns greater depth and movement. This printing method suits and enhances the fluidity of Helleborus. If I had this wallpaper in my house, I would pretend that each morning I woke up and looked at it, the flowers would be in a slightly different configuration because they would grow a little overnight. [Buy from Farrow & Ball]

(Featured image: Menagerie by Osborne & Little)

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