Celebrities Who Love Wallpaper

Celebrities are just like us: they love wallpaper, too! Here are six celebs and the wallpapers they adore.

Kristen Bell

I’m 95% sure Kristen Bell picked this wallpaper simply because its name suits her perfectly: Sweet Pea by Cole & Son.

This pattern features a flowering sweet pea vine surface printed on a solid background, which means the print looks like it’s been hand-painted. Unfortunately the black colorway that Kristen used in her closet has been discontinued, but it’s still available with a cream background in Pink/Yellow and Violet.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen embodies the perfect blend of low-brow and high-brow tastes, as seen in this Instagram pic of her eating McDonald’s in front of one of the most expensive wallpapers around.

This colorful mural, Amazonia by DeGournay, could easily run $10K-$20K depending on the size of the wall, so be sure to keep the ketchup packets at a safe distance.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

I'm obsessed with my new @rebeccataylornyc dress. That's all, just sharing.

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SMG’s closet features a crystal chandelier and a rug so plush you can barely see her feet in it. It only makes sense that she complete the room with an equally luxurious wallpaper.

Annette by Anna French is a classic damask print, and this particular colorway has a pearlescent print on a white background. Historically damask fabrics were reserved for the wealthy—only the most skilled craftsmen could weave them.

Happily for us, damasks in both fabrics and wallpapers are now readily available at all price points. This one sells for around $88/single roll.

Reese Witherspoon

Southern queen Reese Witherspoon founded a clothing and home goods company called Draper James that is equal parts adorable and philanthropic. Their proceeds help support Girls Inc., an organization that teaches middle and high school girls about the economy and money.

Reese has used Chenonceau by Schumacher as a photoshoot backdrop for many of Draper James’ offerings. Check them out guilt-free and help tons of young women achieve boss status.

Hilary Duff


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I am obsessed with the use of pattern in Hilary Duff’s home. From the mix-and-match stair runner to the graphic kitchen tiles, her style is anything but boring.

Her bedroom features an 1895 print created by John Henry Dearle, a William Morris protege who became the chief designer of Morris & Co.

Compton is intricate and colorful, and the density and depth of the print prevent it from feeling too busy.

Michael B Jordan

I stumbled upon this wallpaper discovery while watching Vogue’s 73 Questions interview with Michael B Jordan. In an upstairs room “where all the creativity happens,” Michael has used Sumi by Harlequin as an accent wall.

This bold geometric print is full of energy, perfect to do “a lot of work, a lot of writing, a lot of thinking.” As if I needed another reason to like him.

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